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April 16, 2015

San Marcos Spring Festival

Wow! Sunday, April 12th was a great day to walk through the San Marcos Festival Celebrating Spring and all San Marcos has to offer...

Walking though the festival, families were having a fun day out together while businesses were networking and promoting each other...
I had the opportunity to meet many local businesses and Chamber members and members of the City of San Marcos...very informative, positive, and knowledgeable people...what a great group!!

It is surprising to know how little people in the city of San Marcos know about the Buena Creek Gardens!!! The Gardens have been in the Twin Oaks Valley since 1970's...Starting as a 4 acre Iris Farm!
Read full History of Buena Creek Gardens here: http://www.buenacreekgardens.com/about.html

Here is a direct quote of when San Marcos was really starting to grow as a city:
"The city became incorporated on January 28, 1963. Through the 1960s, the city slowly gained new residents but by the 1970s, San Marcos became the third fastest-growing city in the state with a population of 17,479. During the 1980s, San Marcos almost doubled its population to 33,800. Growth has continued to boom in San Marcos bringing the city’s present population to 83,781"
For more San Marcos history read here: http://www.ci.san-marcos.ca.us/index.aspx?page=139

What an enlightening and exciting day!! 

Come visit the Buena Creek Gardens to see some of San Marco's history!!